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Small Reef (Bodrum)

It is just 200 meters away from Big Reef towards Bodrum destination so you will be at lovely diving site of Bodrum in 15 minutes with Blue Escape. Aquatic life is fascinating. When you start your dive in Small Reef; the first descending point is 5-6 meters. You can recognize this site of Bodrum from its cylinder shape and 3 walls surrounding reaches 28-30 meters. Like its name smaller than Big Reef and has the same beautiful characteristics. One of the most worth diving sites in Bodrum. All three walls are perfect for micro photography with their shapes. On top of the reef, check for scorpion fish, octopus, moray eel.When you go deeper groupers, leerfish, schools of barracuda, dentex, white groupers and many will pose for you. Watch different sponges while diving at small reef. If you are an underwater photographer then Small reef is perfect for you.