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Poyraz Bay (Bodrum)

Poyraz Bay takes its name from the Northeast wind and like its name always windy and relaxing on hot summer. The journey to Poyraz Bay is 50 minutes by Blue Escape. It is a convenient dive spot for beginners; open water and advanced divers. The rock formations starts at 5 meters and reaches to 20 meters. During your dive; you will come accross with groupers, moray eels,star fish,octopus, sponges also take your underwater camera for amphoras.

If you are an advanced diver then you can follow the right side of the bay with lead of our dive guide.

If you prefer to see crater shape rock formations, the reef starts at 16 meters. When you dive through rocks you will see the larger and deeper reef, the aquatic life is not so rich in the diving era. Care about the current on the way back to boat. However you could see an old fishing net streched through the rocks.