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Kargi Island (Bodrum)

Kargı Island is 500 meters to Akyarlar and 1, 5 hour journey with your diving boat in Bodrum ‘’Blue Escape’’. Kargı Island has a lighthouse on it and lovely with its island characteristics. When you dive in Kargı Island; you will understand that journey-time worths. It is the nearest point to Kos Island of Greece. Bay side of Kargı island is nice for scuba diving. Rock formations start around 20 meters and reach the depth of 36 meters. You could see acheological remains of amphoras between 5 meters and 25 meters. Nice reef dive site of water. Aquatic life is spectacular. Look for pink trumpet sponges. You will expect to see tunas, groupers, dentex, White groupers and many moray eels and schools of barracuda.